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“Airborne disinfection is critical to all areas of our facility. We have had total success with the Scientific Air products in managing all types of air quality issues from office space, laboratories, public and clinical areas where we are concerned for the welfare of our patients, visitors, and staff.”

Dennis M. Jacobs DO, MMSc | Coastal Carolina Hospital of Tenet Healthcare 

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Achieve 99.9995% air disinfection in your space.

The Scientific Air S400

Developed exclusively for Healthcare; Scientific Air is helping 100’s of Hospitals across the country close the airborne gap in their Infection Prevention Programs. Since 2015 the S400 has been on the front line keeping air safer 24/7 in occupied spaces at facilities like:

  • NYU Medical Center
  • University of Rochester Medical Center
  • The Federal VA Hospital System
  • Baptist Health South
  • Kaiser Permanente Medical of California
  • New York Health + Hospital
  • Many others

Hospitals report incredible reductions in viable airborne pathogens as well as significant declines in non-viable particulates including elimination of odor and VOC’s –  all achieved regardless of the shortcomings and inconsistencies in existing HVAC systems.   See the Evidence

Rapid Whole-Room Clean
Portable, Durable, and Efficient
Powerful 400 CFM Air Volume
Safe and Fast Acting in Occupied Spaces
First Stage:
Air Scrubbing with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filtration
Second Stage:
UV-C Germicidal Capture and Kill Chamber with 99.9995% efficacy
Third Stage:
Large Air Volume Carbon Suspension Chamber
On Board Digital Display
*HEPA Filter/Air Flow integrity UV-C light intensity * Carbon final filtration integrity * Room Air Processed Volume
Lab-tested UV-C pathogen efficacy technology with mitigation against bacteria, mold and 99.9995% norovirus surrogate.
High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filtration
First-phase particulate filtration is guaranteed to reduce particulate matter with 99.97% effectiveness — the case studies prove it!
Removes Airborne Odor and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
Enriched, moisture-resistant carbon filtration allows for effective and near-total odor control, employing the same technology used by the legal marijuana industry to tackle its strong smells.
Powerful and Mobile
Standing 37” tall and weighing only 62 lbs., the SAM unit is a lean machine. It also operates using a standard 110-volt outlet and uses only as much power as the average ceiling fan!

The Scientific Air S200

24/7 viable and non-viable particulate UV-C disinfection, safe for patients and staff in occupied areas.

Hospital field studies report significant reductions in non-viable particulates and 99.9995% reductions in viable airborne pathogens, regardless of the shortcomings and/or inconsistencies in existing HVAC systems.   See the Evidence
Rapid Whole-Room Clean
Portable Durable and Efficient
Powerful 200 CFM Air Cleaning Volume
Safe and Fast Acting in Occupied Spaces

The most prevalent way germs travel is often over looked. The Air.

Since HEPA filtration can have limited ability in stopping the smallest of virial pathogens,  successful healthcare facilities are turning to the added efficacy of UV-C germ-killing technology.

Scientific Air Management goes way beyond HEPA filtration alone. Our powerful patented UV-C technology disinfects large volumes of fast-moving air by killing these microscopic germs with as much as a verified 99.9995% efficacy rating.

clean air

Powerful, Portable, Value Priced.

1/3 of the price compared to leading competition

Verified laboratory tested kill rate of up to 99.9995% of airborne virus, bacteria, and mold with a high CFM rating. No harmful byproducts. NO ozone. NO Ionization. NO ROS (Radically Oxygenated Species). Other devices claiming the same technology and efficacy can be twice the physical size and three times the cost.

Standard 110 outlet using as little energy as a ceiling fan

Uses standard US electrical outlets with daily energy requirements equivalent to a residential ceiling fan.

Manufacturer’s 5 Year warranty with easy Annual DIY maintenance

First stage HEPA canisters, rated for one full year, can be quickly replaced at any time per facility protocols. Annual UV-C Kill Chamber and Substrate replacement can be effortlessly performed with easy and fast DIY service kits.
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