The Scientific Air S400

24/7 large air volume, whole room viable pathogen UV-C disinfection and non-viable particulate reduction. Safe for patients and staff in occupied spaces. No harmful byproducts. NO ozone. NO Ionization. NO ROS (Radically Oxygenated Species) just

Hospitals report significant 99.9995% reductions in viable airborne pathogens, reduced non-viable air particulates, odor and VOC elimination, all achieved regardless of the shortcomings and inconsistencies in existing HVAC systems.   See the Evidence

Rapid WholeRoom Clean

Thorough 99.9995% air disinfection of a standard 800 cubic ft. room and whole-room air exchanges within minutes. Used in occupied spaces with ZERO ozone, oxidation, or ROS production. Kills odor and VOC’s.

Portable Durable and Efficient

The S400 is easy to move, easy to set up. Made of long-lasting, all-steel with antimicrobial coatings. Low tip-proof center of gravity on a high-quality urethane hospital grade locking wheel base. Runs quiet with minimal annual filter changes. Uses about as much power as an average residential ceiling fan.

Powerful 400 CFM air scrubbing

The S400 delivers the highest air disinfection levels in cubic feet per minute for its size. With 3x the standard concentration of UV-C light for disinfection, HEPA filtration, and 5-micron miles of specially formulated carbon, the S400 removes pathogens, particulates, odors, and VOC’s — quickly.

Safe and Fast Acting in Occupied Spaces

At air processing rates of 400 cubic feet per minute, we clean air faster for our size than any other air disinfection system, 24/7 in occupied rooms. Performing HEPA filtration, UV-C pathogen elimination, and carbon cleansing simultaneously, making the medical environment safer, faster.

The most prevalent way germs travel is often over looked . . . through the air.

What you get

24/7 large air volume, whole room,  non-viable particulate and viable pathogen UV-C disinfection. Safe for patients and staff in occupied spaces.

Hospital field studies report significant reductions in non-viable particulates and 99.9995% reductions in viable airborne pathogens, regardless of the shortcomings and/or inconsistencies in existing HVAC systems.



Uniform 360-degree airflow distribution

The S400’s 360-degree airflow system produces non-distributive, uniform, low-pressure, viscous air movement. This creates continuous, large-scale air-scrubbing, undetectable air-flow vortices throughout the room.

Laboratory verified pathogen elimination

Tested nationally recognized full room size laboratories with a kill rate of up to 99.9995% of airborne norovirus surrogate (one of the most difficult viruses to kill) provides an unparalleled standard for air disinfection.  

No airflow disruption

The S400 airflow goes virtually unnoticed by both patients and staff. Air disinfection runs uninterrupted 24/7, even while the room is occupied, hospital studies show our air-processing to remain constant regardless of existing HVAC systems.

Some features

1/3 of the price compared to leading competition

Because of our unique laboratory tested kill rate of up to 99.9995% of airborne virus, bacteria, and mold with high CFM rating, other devices claiming the same efficacy can be twice the physical size and three times the cost. .

Standard 110 outlet using as little energy as a ceiling fan

Uses standard US electrical outlets with daily energy requirements equivalent to a residential ceiling fan.

Manufacturer’s 5 Year warranty with easy Annual DIY maintenance

First stage HEPA canisters, rated for one full year, can be quickly replaced at any time per facility protocols. Annual UV-C Kill Chamber and Substrate replacement can be effortlessly performed with easy and fast DIY service kits.
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