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S400 Laboratory Test Results Summary

Pathogen Kill Rates Laboratory Testing Summary

S400 Specification Sheet

Dimensions, Electrical Ratings, CFM, On-Board Digital Screen Reporting and more

S400 Brochure

Find out why the S400 is a trusted device in hospitals.

S400 End-User Operators Guide With Warranty

Scientific Air Management S400 End-user operators’ instructions with Certificate of Warranty.

Learn How To Maximize The S400 In Your Facility

S400 Service Maintenance Guide

S400 Service, Maintenance, and Annual Consumables Replacement detailed instruction.

Video Instructions On HEPA Filtration Replacement And Annual Maintenance Service Protocols

S400 FDA Check Sheet Of Non-Binding Recommendations 2020

S400 is in the process of FDA submittal. The S400 is NOT FDA certified. However we do follow the FDA Non Binding Recommendations : the FDA believes that certain sterilizers, disinfectant devices, and air purifiers falling within the scope of this guidance (PDF download) may help reduce this risk of viral exposure based on our current understanding of these devices and SARS-CoV-2.

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