Scientific Air Management

Engineering Air for A Safer Environment

Laboratory-Certified, Whole-Room Air Disinfection in Minutes

SAM, or Scientific Air Management, provides whole-room, aerosol chamber, laboratory-certified air disinfection in full Environmental Protection Agency compliance testing for the Healthcare industry. SAM units are currently used in hospitals including:

  • NYU Medical Center
  • University of Rochester Medical Center
  • The Federal VA Hospital System
  • Baptist Health South Florida
  • St Joseph’s Hospital Health Center NY
  • Many others


Air Disinfection & Particulate Elimination

Nationally recognized bioaerosol third party laboratories report killing 99.9995% of airborne pathogens with a 99.97% reduction in particulates with SAM, independent of inconsistencies with existing HVAC systems.

The most prevalent way germs travel is often over looked — through the air.

Since HEPA filtration is limited in its ability to stop smaller pathogens, successful health care facilities are turning to UV germ-killing technology. Scientific Air Management units do just that with proprietary technology that disinfects large volumes of fast-moving air.

Watch this video to learn the dangers of pathogens and how you can close the airborne gap in your infection control with SAM. It’s the only machine lab-certified in EPA-guideline, full room-size chambers and proven to kill 99.9995% of pathogens.

Value Priced.

No other device on the market is as compact, mobile, efficient, and effective while remaining value priced. SAM is unparalleled in the air disinfection class, period!