Airborne transmission is a major source of nosocomial infections since microbes can remain suspended in the air for extended periods of time. According to major research articles, over 35% of nosocomial infections can be transmitted through the air.

To manage these transmissions in critical areas (or where source contamination is present), facility personnel use Scientific Air Management’s S400 mobile air disinfection units to help remove airborne contaminants, Hospital pathogens, and odors of all types.


  • First Stage Filtration

    Our S400 uses HEPA first phase particulate filtration to remove contaminants larger than 0.3 microns.

  • UV-C Air Disinfection

    Pathogens smaller than 0.3 microns are captured and eliminated by our patented UV-C Air Suspension System, germs are exposed to UV-C close enough and long enough for thorough air disinfection.

  • Continuous Air Scrubbing

    While the S400 runs, it maintains our laboratory tested kill rate of up to 99.9995% of airborne norovirus surrogate (one of the most difficult viruses to kill) with as much as 70% particulate reduction, with odor and VOC control.

An Entire Room in Less Than 60 Minutes

To truly purify and disinfect air, HEPA filtration alone is not enough. That is why 0.3-micron particulate removal is only the beginning of our patented UV-C pathogen elimination process. One S400 unit helps mitigate germs within 60 minutes in large-volume, fast-moving air.

Entire room processing in under 60 minutes and consistent independent of existing HVAC systems and/or shortcomings.

What kind of pathogens do we eliminate?





Why Choose The S400?

  • Air Disinfection Efficacy

99.9995% kill rate norovirus surrogate

After the first phase HEPA particulate filtration, pathogens smaller than 0.3 microns pass into the S400 patented UV-C Air Suspension Chamber. There germs are held close enough and long enough for laboratory tested kill rate of up to 99.9995% of airborne norovirus surrogate (one of the most difficult viruses to kill)

Measured with strict testing protocol

The S400 is tested in two of the nation’s only full size (10’ x 10’ x 8’) aerosol disinfection device testing chambers. It has been rigorously tested in third party nationally recognized aerosol laboratories.

Micro Chem Laboratories have shown conclusive proof of up to a 99.9995% kill rate of airborne norovirus surrogate (one of the most difficult viruses to kill)in under 60 minutes

Particulate control

Fundamental air management begins with particulate reduction, and so does the S400. Utilizing HEPA first phase filtration, our unique 360 degree high volume air induction process removes particulates (< 0.3 micron size) in a standard room’s air.

Large scale particulate reduction is noted in minutes, then maintained constantly regardless of room traffic and fluctuations, or inconsistencies in the HVAC system.

Odor & VOC removal

Building on technologies from the Legal Cannabis Indoor Growing Industry, S400 uses an exclusive manufacturing process to enriched carbon substrates for ODOR and VOC removal.

This exclusively treated substrate system is efficient, long-lasting, and highly resistant to moisture saturation.

  • Hospital Friendly

Patient & Staff friendly

The S400 provides clean air safely, efficiently, and quietly via

  • No-byproduct output
  • 360-degree UV-C germ elimination
  • Continuous, uniform airflow


This helps to provide a safer work environment for staff, a safer medical environment for patients, and low-maintenance (practically unnoticeable) setup and maintenance for technicians.

Continuous UV-C air scrubbing with NO ozone or byproducts

A single S400 unit can provide whole-room UV-C air scrubbing in less than  an hour. The S400 maintains high levels of particulate, pathogen, and odor removal continuously, providing high rates of disinfected CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute).

Trusted by Hospital Infection Prevention Professionals, Facility Engineers, & EVS Professionals

The S400 units are currently working hard for patients and staff in

  • ORs
  • ERs
  • Patient rooms
  • Long term care
  • Waiting areas
  • Nurse stations
  • Laboratories
  • Morgues
  • Areas that require airborne pathogen and odor elimination 


You can find the S400 and S800 devices in NYU Langone Medical Center, University of Rochester Medical Center, Federal VA Hospital System, Baptist Health Hospitals, St Joseph’s Hospital, NYC Health and Hospitals, and more.

  • Air Exchange CFM

Facility Engineer approved

Facility directors realize the significance of airborne transmissions. To manage these transmissions in critical areas or where source contamination is present, facility personnel use the S400’s mobile air disinfect units to help eliminate air borne contaminants, hospital pathogens, and odors of all types.

The S400’s – 400 CFM high-volume air movement can contribute to ACPH (air exchanges per hour) in normal-sized rooms.

Works alongside HVAC in hospitals

The S400’s 360-degree airflow process provides low-pressure, viscous air movement. This process creates continuous, large-scale muted air-flow vortices throughout the room. Thanks to these subtle vortices and their complex interactions, airflow goes unnoticed by both patients and staff.

This process allows for uninterrupted air processing 24/7, even while the room is occupied. with efficiencies hospital tested to remain constant regardless of inconsistencies in existing HVAC systems.

Neutral pressure with no temperature or humidity changes

The S400 provides high volume air disinfection at the source with absolutely zero effect on negative or positive air pressure. The S400 can be used in either negative or positive air pressure situations and will not affect air temperature or humidity.

This means uninterrupted air disinfection 24/7–even while the room is occupied.

High volume air disinfection

The S400 uses proprietary UV-C technology to capture and hold pathogens long enough in our intense UV-C killing chamber to scrub large volumes of fast-moving air.

You can calculate how quickly the S400 – 400CFM (cubic feet per minute) system will clean the air in a room by:

  1. Calculating the volume of your room in cubic feet (length x width x height)
  2. Multiple the room’s cubic feet by 60 (60 minutes in an hour)
  3. Dividing this number by 400 (S400’s CFM)


The S400’s high volume CFM capabilities contribute to Air Exchange Rates (ACH) in the room. The higher the ACH the greater amount of air is being exchanged (disinfected) per hour.

UVC Air Disinfection Technology that truly captures, kills and cleans!